Trinity Valley School


7500 Dutch Branch Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76132

Trinity Valley School has four main objectives for its students:

1. Fine scholarship with its fulfillment at college
2. The development of wide constructive interests
3. Intelligent citizenship, and
4. Spiritual and moral development which promotes lasting values

Trinity Valley School is a K-12, independent, college-preparatory school with an enrollment of 970 boys and girls. Over the years, Trinity Valley has remained committed to a broad liberal education in the arts and sciences, culminating in the knowledge, skills, and wisdom to enable our students to excel at an appropriate college or university.

Here at Trinity Valley, we believe timeless education inspires lifelong learners who become leaders with the ability to respond effectively to a rapidly changing world. To give our children this gift is indeed a shared value, one that was established in 1959. “Intellectual capital is the commodity of the future, and the future begins here.” – Dr. Gary Krahn

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